Zepol Corporation

Jeff came to us with an IT dilema many small business owners face. Luckily he came to us before a disaster occurred, a challenge faced by many of our other clients. Jeff was proactive in his approach and it benefitted him to be in control of his business before someone could take advantage. Their organization had gone through a period of employee turnover as happens with most businesses. The former employees in charge of keeping track of their technology assets had moved on and had never recorded the information nor stored it in a secure area where it can be available for the credentialed personal who may need access from time to time, as well as vendor resources for maintenance and upgrades. After a thorough onsite investigation, our team identified, tagged and updated login access to all onsite devices within their organization. During the process we also identified many areas we deemed business critical and passed along those findings to the management team at Zepol. After a brief period of review, we began implementing our ideas and focussed on bringing their office up to date and compliant.