IP Camera Systems

Backed by dedicated team who manages the entire experience, from an organization’s camera system, to ongoing upgrades and maintenance, to support and training for users.

The main reasons of a jobsite ip based camera system are the ability to connect over the internet, provide safety to the workers and the company, enhance worksite security with 24/7 access, video and audio recording capabilities, documentation for law-enforcement and insurance personnel should an incident occur.

“The LANTECH team know-how in the assessment of our needs based on our site really outlined the vast experience of the team.
They allowed our company to easily access our jobsite with 24 hr video monitoring with their simple solution. We now have the flexibility and accessibility anywhere we go. Their guidance made the transition easy and affordable.”

– Leah P, CEO leading residential development firm

Jobsite Safety & Security

IP based camera services bundles together a variety of easy-to-use technologies – keeping your workers safe – while maintaining survience and security restricting access from unwanted intruders – and providing tools for law enforcement and insurance.

Users can access 24/7, record, provide video access to and from whenever, wherever, on the device of their choice

Challenges of Traditional Video Surveillance

Learn how IP camera video surveillance solves these pain points.

Get protected now!

Let's talk about a solution that protects your assets with video surveillance and monitoring solutions.

Cloud IP Camera Package Includes

  • 24/7 access

  • Internet Access

  • Affordable Solutions

  • Business Security

  • Network Management

  • Voice & Video Recording